Wednesday, March 25, 2009

stellate vintage

so i'm thinking about selling off some of my less successful online vintage purchases. its a bit bittersweet because each of these things i loved sooo much, but they just didn't quite fit me right. it would just be lovely if they made their way to someone who fit them perfectly, so i'm putting them up for sale.... here is a selection of what will be added at the shop!

turns out though, it kind of takes a long time to set up shop over at etsy :p , so i've only got one dress posted so far. more tomorrow!


  1. I just bought the dress with the little tulips, then came to your blog and realized that I was watching the original auction for that dress on ebay! So funny that the dress is coming to me in this roundabout way.

  2. anja - oh, well i'm glad that you'll be getting it. i was so disappointed when it was a bit too small for me, but i think it will be lovely on you!