Thursday, March 12, 2009

bows, bows bows!

all from facehunter

A while ago, i copied a whole bunch of pictures out of the facehunter archives. i was looking through them the other day and i realized that many of them had one thing in common.... most of the girls had some sort of adorable bow in their hair. i definitely have to learn how to tie hair scarves just like that, with the perfect amount of poof, but also i really want to get, or make, some cute bows.
So actually, i gave up shopping for lent, so i can't buy anything to remedy this situation right now, but that doesn't stop me from making up my wishlist! ;-) Here are some of the great bows i found on etsy and of course, a few from anthro:

1. Black roses (when i checked back just now, they had sold out, but maybe there will be more soon) LovMely
2. Sweet tortoise shell barrettes rosebudcottage
3. Hand sewn pink bow teacupadventure
4. Orange headband with vintage net and flower BeSomethingNew on etsy
5. Orange bobby pins at rosebudcottage
6. Pink bow at BeSomethingNew
7. Black double bow VieModerne
8. Brown vintage net and flowers BeSomethingNew
9. Blue flower headband Anthropologie
10. Gold flower headband Anthropologie
11. Purple unabashed bow Anthropologie

I am quite a bit in love with the little flowers on the headbands from BeSomethingNew. They just seem so dreamy and spring-like. But the adorable clips and bobby pins from rosebudcottage are also very hard to resist. When lent is over, i'll have some very difficult purchasing decisions to make! Also, I want to try some DIY bows. Maybe i can try and scrounge up some ribbon somewhere, and make one to show you before Easter, but if now, its going to be a top priority as soon as i can buy ribbon! If anyone has some good suggestions for DIY bow instructions, i would love to know!

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