Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ity bity shop update

i've added a few things to my etsy shop, but i've slowed down a bit because i'm trying to learn how to use my lighting set up and Ethan's digital SLR in my new photo spot at Ethan's house! Its all very exciting, but does take a bit of figuring out. right now i'm working out lighting and the best camera settings. at the moment its actually sort of a ridiculous process because i don't have a camera remote, so when i press the button to start the timer, I have to have something in my place for the camera to focus on. soooo... i'm using my cat's play tunnel, and i have to dash from the camera while trying not to knock over my lights, toss the tunnel aside and the make my pose all before the 10 seconds are up! i think that's why i have such funny expressions on my face in these pictures, i'm trying to act calm after my mad dash over from the camera. someday, i'll get a remote :)

so actually, that second dress i put up a couple days ago, and it is now already sold, but i wanted to to show it just cause i think its so cool!

these next dresses are a sneak preview of what's coming to the shop in the next week or so, along with some other great things i haven't photographed yet.

oh yes, and this one is for me! I wasn't sure if would keep it, but after i saw this picture, i certainly can't part with it.

and here's an outtake, where i forgot to toss away the kitty tunel! ha!

have a great week, everyone!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentines

Ethan and i spent a nice day at home today, and i took the chance to wear my new pink outfit! i love the outfit, but i was dissapointed to find that my shirt is pretty fragile and probably not suited for actual wear. oh well, the skirt is the best, and i love to pieces these shoes that i got from 1385. oh and the necklace was Ethan's gift to me today from the vamoose, also on etsy! he took these pictures too, he really is the best.
today was very nice, we took a long walk around in the park with sirus and then i tried to arrange my new photo spot that i'm setting up for the shop. i put up my first few pictures today on etsy with a dress on my dress form. very exciting!
oh and speaking of exciting, a long time back i mentioned that my sister and i were working on a project together. well, its a long time coming, but we are almost ready to launch our little project. i can't tell you about it quite yet, but i'll give you a big hint... the little bow that i'm wearing in my hair is made from some gorgeous vintage ribbon by my very talented sister! so, more on that to come soon!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

a little bit of summer

Well its still very much winter here on the east coast, and truthfully, i'm still really enjoying it. we've had so much snow, and i love snow! but that doesn't mean that i'm not getting tired of the cold wind and wet clothes. the other day Ethan was saying that taking a vacation to a sunny island in the middle of winter was the best sort of vacation you can take. I've never been on a winter get-away and i don't see any cruises in the near future, but i did get these pictures back from my time spent at wood's hole last summer and it was almost like getting a little bit of summer here in my living room!

Monday, February 1, 2010

NYC part 3 - flea markets, museums and ferries

This is my final post on my trip to NYC, and i'm sure everyone is getting tired of hearing about it by now, but I had to show some of the pictures of our other adventures when we were there. We decided to hit up a couple of flea markets while we where there, so here are some pictures of the garage flea market in Chelsea. Its this huge garage filled with all sorts of different types of treasures, but my favorite stand was one that had all of these vintage children's games and books, along with some great collections of old bottles, staplers and spools of thread! I didn't end up getting any games, but we did buy some vintage bottles to use for our wedding centerpieces and some amazing vintage flower illustrations for our house! We also went to the outdoor flea market in hell's kitchen, which was also fabulous, and where we bought some old drawer pulls for our new ikea dresser. but it was brutally cold out, so neither of us was willing to sacrifice our fingers, so no pictures from there!

We also took a visit to the Met, which I always love. My favorite exhibit this time, maybe because i was already thinking about vintage bottles thanks to the flea market was the old glass display.

Absolutely my favorite way to get into and out of the city is to take the ferry from NJ. On our trip back, it was so cold that the river had frozen over, but the ferries just plowed right through the ice anyways!