Thursday, June 25, 2009

Coming soon to the shop!

smaller shop update this weekend... i've got to do some ironing because i really do have a number of other nice things! but this weekend, these two blouses and this dress. and maybe another skirt. also, i'm going to take some better pictures of the red 20's dress, the ones i have up right now really don't do it justice.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The 1920's collection

1920's Blue

1920's Flower

1920's Red

These beautiful dresses were found together in box packed away in the 30's and not opened till recently. when i bought them, they were terribly stained from all of the years of storage. however, oxyclean worked its magic and they are now stain free! (i didn't used think there was anything special about oxyclean, but now i've totally changed my mind! i'll put some "before" pictures up in a little bit.) Anyways, these lovely dresses will be up for sale this evening (around 5 pm) in my shop!

Friday, June 19, 2009

photo shoot

This week my extremely sweet friends Amy and Xiaoyu helped me take some pictures for the shop in the park behind work. Amy wore some of the small dresses from the 1920's collection (more about that to come!) and I wore a 40's dress and a 50's dress. I have to say i felt a bit nervous about it at first, but we had so much fun and seeing all of these cool dresses that have been hanging around in my place come to life was the greatest! These pictures from the 50's dress came out so well that I beginning to think i may have to keep it and not sell it:)
I've put a few pictures of the 1920's collection on my flickr, but i'll do a proper post here before i put them up for sale this weekend!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Best appreciation photo!

So I have really been neglecting this blog... like alot! i guess that most of my spare time has been going to putting things up in the store. its alot of work washing, mending, ironing and photographing everything. i love it very much, but i have pretty limited free time as a grad student, so despite my grand plans, i can't always finish everything i want to!
But anyways, i've been wanting to get back to the blog and the other day I received the best appreciation photo, and it was a great inspiration for a post. A little while ago i sold this dress in my etsy store. i had bought it on ebay from a lady who was getting rid of the clothes she used to wear as a girl. it fit me pretty well, but i have this sort of weird phobia about wearing dresses without sleeves (strange, i know!), so i decided to sell it.
Well the sweet girl who bought it sent along this picture, of a cute girl in the 40's wearing nearly exactly the same dress! Apparently, she had just read an article on feedsack dresses, seen this old picture and then saw my dress in the shop! pretty amazing!