Sunday, August 9, 2009

Three sisters dresses

its so amazing, these dresses are so similar... same material, same belts, same look, but three different sizes. i like to imagine that they were made for three sisters to wear!

i think i may have to keep this one.. it fits so perfectly and i feel like such a fashionable lady when i'm wearing. (actually, i kind of have to act like a lady too, cause the skirt is sort of longer than i'm used to, so my steps have to be a little smaller!)

here are the fantastic 40's dresses that i got recently... they are very similar and seem to have been made at the same time, but each also has its own unique details. they are three slightly different sizes, and the blue one fits me perfectly! oh, and despite what it looks like in this picture, i'm not really missing my arm! ;) i'm just standing all funny trying to balance on a pot to get this picture. can't wait till i have a good photo spot... when i move to baltimore, that'll be the first thing i set up! these dresses will be going in the shop late tonight, so keep a look out!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

catchin' up

so this has just about been the craziest month ever for just so many reasons...
- Ethan finished his PhD
- we went house hunting and then bought a house in baltimore
- our parents met eachother for the first time (even though we've been dating for 4 years!) (it went well :) )
- i turned in a very important part of my thesis to my committee
- Sirus got very sick, had surgery, and now is on his way to getting better
- Ethan moved to baltimore

anyways, this was basically all in about the span of a month, so its been crazy to say the least! but i have still managed to get a few things together for the store. i'm really excited about these 3 40's day dresses that i found. they are all a very similar style, but in different sizes, so i like to think they belonged to three sisters:) One fits me perfectly, so i'm keepin' it! but the other two are going up in the shop sometime early this week, so look for pictures very soon :)

also, in other exciting news, i went to my first estate sale today! it was one down in baltimore, and it was at a house from 1905, and many of the household things were from then as well. there were piles and piles of vintage records and books, and some cool kitchen appliances. but of course, what i was most interested in were the clothes. i scored a few really neat things from the 20s and 30s, and as i was going to pay, the lady running the sale asked me if had a shop. then she said she has a bunch of other clothes and she wants me to go back tomorrow! so exciting, and i promise, pictures are to come:) :)

this picture is from our night out with Ethan and my families! it was the first time i got to wear my new skirt from Francesca that i love love love! i'm sorry you can't see the whole skirt, i didn't realize at the time that my sister didn't get all of me in the picture. but its just a good excuse to wear it again soon!