Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ity bity shop update

i've added a few things to my etsy shop, but i've slowed down a bit because i'm trying to learn how to use my lighting set up and Ethan's digital SLR in my new photo spot at Ethan's house! Its all very exciting, but does take a bit of figuring out. right now i'm working out lighting and the best camera settings. at the moment its actually sort of a ridiculous process because i don't have a camera remote, so when i press the button to start the timer, I have to have something in my place for the camera to focus on. soooo... i'm using my cat's play tunnel, and i have to dash from the camera while trying not to knock over my lights, toss the tunnel aside and the make my pose all before the 10 seconds are up! i think that's why i have such funny expressions on my face in these pictures, i'm trying to act calm after my mad dash over from the camera. someday, i'll get a remote :)

so actually, that second dress i put up a couple days ago, and it is now already sold, but i wanted to to show it just cause i think its so cool!

these next dresses are a sneak preview of what's coming to the shop in the next week or so, along with some other great things i haven't photographed yet.

oh yes, and this one is for me! I wasn't sure if would keep it, but after i saw this picture, i certainly can't part with it.

and here's an outtake, where i forgot to toss away the kitty tunel! ha!

have a great week, everyone!


  1. Oh my - these dresses - they are lovely! I especially love the lace one - its beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are some really amazing dresses! The two grey ones are adorable.

  3. That ivory lace dress with the bow made my heart flutter. I have such a weakness for vintage lace dresses.

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