Sunday, October 25, 2009

this week's shop update

i've got some lovely things going up in the shop this week. i won't get them all up tonight, but should get them all up by wednesday!


  1. ahhhh that first dress!! What are the measurements? (too excited to wait to see it on etsy)

  2. that one is a beauty! its measurements are 36" bust and 28" waist and i'll be listing it tonight!

  3. i am sort of in shock! i just bought your leaf dress! one of the prettiest dresses in all the world!


  4. awww... oh good! i'm so glad its found a wonderful new home! i deliberated for the longest time about keeping it, but right now i just have a lot of dresses, so i had to let it go. it always makes me happy to know who my dresses go to though! i've just wrapped it up and i'll send it out saturday morning :)

  5. You stock the prettiest dresses! I bought a yellow juniors dress from your store a few weeks ago and it's waiting to make its debut on a blog I run with my friend Meggy, Fashion for Writers.


  6. thanks Jenny! i'm excited to see the dress when it comes up.. also, i love your blog!!