Friday, September 11, 2009

musee moyen age

today, we made it to one and a half museums: first the museum of the middle ages and later attempted to go to the musee quai branly. here i am on my way to the museum of the middle ages.
at the museum of the middle ages, there were the most fantastic tapestries that had just the cutest little rabbit and foxes on them. all of my pictures came out fuzzy, but i found some good ones here and here.

this gorgeous dress is from this always fabulous lady, who really has the most amazing taste in clothes ever!

la dame et licorne (the lady and the unicorn)

the cutest little sad bunny!

later on, we tried to go to the musee quai branly, which has art from africa and asia, but i got the day wrong, and they weren't open. however, it has the greatest gardens, so i got some good pictures of ethan in the bamboo forest and in front of the wall of plants!

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