Sunday, August 9, 2009

Three sisters dresses

its so amazing, these dresses are so similar... same material, same belts, same look, but three different sizes. i like to imagine that they were made for three sisters to wear!

i think i may have to keep this one.. it fits so perfectly and i feel like such a fashionable lady when i'm wearing. (actually, i kind of have to act like a lady too, cause the skirt is sort of longer than i'm used to, so my steps have to be a little smaller!)

here are the fantastic 40's dresses that i got recently... they are very similar and seem to have been made at the same time, but each also has its own unique details. they are three slightly different sizes, and the blue one fits me perfectly! oh, and despite what it looks like in this picture, i'm not really missing my arm! ;) i'm just standing all funny trying to balance on a pot to get this picture. can't wait till i have a good photo spot... when i move to baltimore, that'll be the first thing i set up! these dresses will be going in the shop late tonight, so keep a look out!


  1. Aww, they're all so pretty, I can't even pick a favorite!! You really do find the prettiest dresses. :)

  2. oh dear. these are seriously my favorite style of dresses! i want them all! what perfectly amazing finds!

  3. You're too sweet! I'm so glad that post inspired you, there are a lot of hats out there, you just have to try them on! :)