Friday, July 3, 2009

Brown 50's dress

I've worn this dress a bunch of times since i've gotten it, i just love the little bow on the front!

i think i look a little sad in these pictures... i took another version with me smiling, but these ones just seemed to reflect my mood more. things have been a bit rougher in grad school for me recently, but i suppose that's how it goes, the ups and downs. oh, but speaking of grad school, it was mentioned in one of the comments that i have the word 'science' in my blog description. that's because when i started the blog, i wanted to try and incorporate a little bit of what i do during the day (science research) into the blog. i've been trying to think of the right way to do it, and it turns out its been a bit harder than i thought, cause i don't want to bore you all to tears. but i think i've come up with a good post, so sometime this weekend i'll put up my first science-related post, but i promise it will be cool, not horrible! :)
hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and a great 4th of july!!!

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  1. gosh what a pretty dress! i'm looking forward to a science related post!